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I've got to be free
Music: Ulrich Roth
Lyrics: Ulrich Roth

You're burning my heart
you're burning my mind
you're spoiling my art
you're wasting my time

No taste in your actions
no taste in your line
no truth or direction
no true love of mine

You say you wanna be a superstar
don't give a damn how to get that far
you say you wanna ride a diamond car
but I don't like your fat cigar.

Hey, hey, hey don't you wanna see
I'm not your stepping stone
hey, hey, hey I've got to be free
so leave my life alone

You're in love with success
you're spilling my wine
don't follow my tracks, babe
you ways are not mine

Your main god is money
you're wasting my life
I'm not your Bugs Bunny
and you're not my wife

You say you only do it for our best
but you don't wanna see what I detest
you think me crack-brained
that I'm gonna leave your show
but you can't see what I see
so let me go.

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